Start Here with Site Registration and CMS PTA One Form

Start Here with Site Registration and CMS PTA One Form

Welcome to the CMS PTA Website for 2018-19


Step 1. Create a new user account for this website here, this will provide access to more PTA info, including our 2018 -2019 PTA Volunteer FAQ. If you already have an account go to Step 2.
Step 2. If paying PTA Membership by Credit Card login to this website and complete the One Form. **The online OneForm should only be filled out if paying by Credit Card.  For cash or check payment option, go directly to Step 4**
Step 3. PAY for your PTA Membership. After clicking submit at the end of the One Form, you will be provided links to the PTA Membership shopping cart to complete the PTA Membership registration process and a chance to provide Comet Patron donations.
Step 4. If you choose to pay the PTA Membership fee and Patron Donation by cash or check, please follow these important steps:
  1. Please click on the following link CMS PTA Member Form to print out a copy of the PTA Membership Form
  2. Complete the form in its entirety
  3. Send the form AND your cash or check (checks made payable to "CMS PTA") to school with your child in an envelope labeled PTA Membership
  4. The form and payment can also be mailed addressed to CMS PTA Membership, 6535 Trotter Rd., Clarksville, MD 21029